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Possible reasons for the Rejection of South Korean Visa for Indians

September 21, 2019
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Have you ever thought of your visa might get rejected by the consulate?

The visa is denied and you don’t understand what went wrong, right? Don’t worry, we have a solution!

Just go on… Read this!

They will give a piece of paper inserted and stapled at the back of our passport informing us that our application was denied.  But the thing is they do not state specific reasons when you get the rejection slip/notice. They will just put a red mark on the point which we have failed. We cannot fully understand the exact denial reason just looking at the failed point.

Please see the reference image which I took from the Internet.

**One of the points mentioned in the list about the Philippines is not applicable for Indians.

Credit to the owner itself.

I will explain each point one by one in this post.

As I mentioned in the previous post, we can check the status of our visa application on the consulate official visa portal.

According to Korean Consulate, the possible reasons are

Your passport is invalid.

*Your passport must be valid for more than 6 months.


You are prohibited to enter Korea as per Immigration law no. 11 sec. 1 (Prohibition of entry).


Our record shows that you previously violated Korean law.
* Applies to people who worked illegally in Korea or to those who stayed in Korea when their visas are expired already.


You failed to submit the required document completely.

*  Make sure you have all the needed documents with you when you go to the Korean embassy on the day of your application. (Please read my previous blog about the steps and needed documents in applying for South Korean Visa. Link here)

You failed to qualify to the visa category that you have applied for.

* Please make sure to check the appropriate category for you. If you plan to visit for tourism, please check Tourism/Transit in section 9.1 of the application form.


The documents that you have submitted cannot be verified.
* The consulate officers will verify the documents you submitted to them. So, make sure that they are authentic they might call the contact numbers you gave. So, make sure it can be reached.


You failed to prove the purpose of entry to Korea.
* If your purpose is to work in South Korea, you need to show them your employer’s company details, contact numbers and the contract between you and the company. Make sure that it is authentic as they will also confirm your employment in the company.


You failed to prove strong economic and family ties to the home country.
* You really need to prove to them that you can afford your trip to their country. If you are a student, your parents should have strong economic ties in India. You need to prove to the consulate officers that you don’t plan to overstay in South Korea.


Your inviter is not qualified to invite you.

* Your inviter must also have a strong economic tie in South Korea. Or if you are having a business trip, your inviter must be the head of the company in Korea.


You failed to prove the relationship with your inviter.
* If your inviter is your parents, you need to show them your birth certificate and the marriage contract of your parents. Or if the inviter is your husband, you need to show them your marriage certificate.


You failed to give the correct information about your spouse.
* You need to give the correct information about your spouse especially if he is a Korean citizen.


You and your spouse failed to prove keeping a normal marital life.
* This one might be related to the relationship/financial status of the couple. The consulate officer might call your husband/wife to confirm that you have a strong financial status or anything related to your relationship. We can’t predict what they will ask your spouse. Just make sure to provide accurate details and convey each other.


 Moreover these, some applicants are denied because they fail to prove that they can support their trip in their desired period of stay.


We need to be extra careful on a few things and do not give them a reason to reject us.

Make sure to show them our ties to Home Country: –

You need to prove that you have lots of reason to return back to India. Just show them that you have an immediate dependent family in India or have enough investments and assets in India.

If you are employed, show them your work details and how much you want to be back to work. Your permanent profession likes business, self-employment or higher position employment also acts strong base to return back to India.


**Important: You should have to leave the destination country before your visa is expired.


False or Lack of Documents: – 

Please DO NOT use any false documents since it will lead to absolute visa denial and might be going with horrible results like legal issues or police case and all. They are powerful enough to find out the forgery and they will make sure that we will get punished.

If you don’t have documents as of consulate’s checklist then you would be required to give declaration for not having these documents. For example, I didn’t have an ITR, what I did was I had submitted an explanation letter which states why I do not possess one.  See my previous post for more details.

Any way Consulate will take a decision after consideration of your declaration. Please note that This will not be applicable for mandatory documents.


Travel History:-

A passport containing visa stamps and Immigration stamps make your travel history more powerful.

Several countries offer you on arrival Visa or Visa-free travel if you have the USA, UK, Europe, Canada, and Australia Visas. Some countries may ask to submit previous passports while applying for a visa.

Consular always check your immigration history, deportation, refusal, entry clearance and overstays.

*Anyway, my passport was a blank one when I applied, but my visa was approved by the consulate.


DO NOT submit Documents in your Regional Language: –

Korean consulate cannot verify your documents which are in a regional language similar to Malayalam/Tamil/Hindi/Marathi/Kannada.

You need to interpret these documents in English/Korean as per the consular requirement so that they can authenticate your documents.


SHOW your genuine Travel purpose

Your intended purpose must be genuine and true. You must show the documents related to your purpose. If you have family/friend in invitee country then you should mention why you wish to meet them.

If you are doing only sightseeing then prove to them that you will only a tourist and do not be a burden. Submit your hotel booking details and a cover letter. A number of stay in one city and country should be matched as per the number of sightseeing spots or area of that destination. i.e. staying in a hotel in Seoul and your plan will explore Busan might not be the genuine purpose. So, make sure to book a hotel near your intended destinations.

If you are traveling for business purpose then the importance of business meeting or opportunity must be mention. You can mention your detail intention of travelling on covering letter and submit documents to justify your purpose.

You must show that you have sufficient means of funds to cover your trip. You need to calculate and show how much expense will be there for Air ticket, accommodation, food, local transport, sightseeing, entry fees, transfer, Insurance, shopping. Then clearly mention those sum in the application form in the US dollar and make sure to keep that amount in your bank account.

Consulate wants that you must show your satisfactory balance in your bank account. Investments like FD, PPF, Policies, and shares, mutual funds cannot be used directly on tour. Bank balance should be maintained regularly. If you have deposited a certain higher amount in the bank then you should give a declaration of that source of the transaction too. You should consider the expenses of your dependent traveler too.


SHOW then your Source of Income: –

Consulates always see how you are surviving in your home country. You must show your source of income according to your profession. The income source can be from your business, salary, interest on investments, rent, pension, consultancy fee, commission, family income, etc.



DO NOT submit Invalid Letter of Reference: –


Family ties in home and destination country are an important factor to apply for a visa. If you are traveling for tourism or family visit purpose then you have to file your visa applications along with your family.

Travelling with immediate relatives like parents, children, spouse, siblings impacts positively on visa decision. Also, some countries have denied a visa for a single traveler.

Invitation from Immediate relatives in foreign countries is enormously effective than an invitation from friends.


Please take note that denied applicants can still reapply for Korean Visa but only after 6 months. So, make sure that the documents and the details you give the consulate officers are valid and authentic.

Our advice is to be EXTRA careful with the requirements. Don’t miss out small details. Please refer my previous post on  South Korean visa for Indians Like what other people say nobody can guarantee your approval. Good Luck!!

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