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Food and Beverages India Tamil Nadu

Awesomeness of lunch at Border Hotel

October 2, 2018
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There is no sincerer love than the love of food’. -George Bernard Shaw

Now I am talking about the Border hotel where people go to relax their craving tummies. The place is famous for its small porotta, Fried Quail, Spicy naatukozhi pepper chicken (leg piece) aka border chicken. The pepper chicken is also called as ‘pichu potta koli’ in Tamil. One of our gang members is from Tamil Nadu and he asked the waiter in Tamil, that’s where I caught the word ‘pichu potta koli’. When you order fried chicken either with porotta or Biriyani, you can ask them to cut it and fry again with extra pepper. It’s so mouthwatering and not that much spicy. As my tongue is very sensitive, I was a little bit reluctant to have this spicy pepper chicken first. But once I taste it, and It feels like heaven. So yummy! You can order some seasonal fruits like mangoes as dessert after lunch. If you are Porotta lover, this is the place you should check out if you pass through Cortallam Falls. The place is usually crowded. They serve hot and soft porottas. The complimentary gravy is awesome. You can order either fried chicken or quail with the porotta if you want. But the complimentary gravy alone serves the need.

They also serve Biriyani for the lunch and double omelet. And their special as I mentioned before ‘pichu potta koli’ is yummy and one cant satisfies their greedy tummy with one serve though. So we will be forced to order more serves. Lol. We have chicken biriyani and spicy nattukozhi pepper chicken with a double omelet.

The place is usually very crowded and we may wait to get the seats inside the shop. As you enter you can see the master chef preparing 20-30 porottas at one shot. Once you get your seats and the waiter would serve you 3-4 porottas in banana leaf and a bowl of awesome complimentary curry. If you order biriyani, they would serve plenty of biriyani rice and salad. Everything in big greeny banana leaves. Next thing is Nattukozhi pepper chicken fry, it is served as a set(2 pieces each plate) and this is too yummy and trust me you will end up ordering many sets before you finish your first set. Other dishes like omelet and egg kalaakki are also good. After a good bath in the Courtallam falls, this is a good place for having food. So we will strongly recommend this border hotel if you pass by the shenkottai courtallam road.

Address:- Rahamath Porotta Stall and Border Hotel National Highway 744 Near Shenkottai, Courtallam 627809, India.

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Enjoy this blog? Please spread the word :)