Hi I am Sara,

A girl who loves art, books, music, and travel. I have known Nithin since 2008 and got married in 2017. He is a Techie by profession and a Rider/Traveller by choice. He can’t live without at least a movie daily and at times he goes crazy about football (Manchester United – He is a Red Devil by heart) and starts singing the song 

“Glory Glory Man United, Glory Glory Man United, Glory Glory Man United. As The Reds go marching on on on..!”

We have started our journey to the world together in 2017 right after our wedding and covered 5+ countries so far and many more to go… So we have decided to write our experience on the trails and abroad. As a Well seasoned traveler, he is the official photographer and movie maker of trackthetrails.com.

Hi I am Nithin,

I am passionate about Movies, Music, Food and Football. I have known Sara for more than 10 years and in 2017 We have decided to tie the knot and enjoy the craziness together. She is a big fan of the Korean singer/actor Jang Keun Suk and the interesting thing is that she had learned Korean language and now she can read/write and speak it to a limit! Right now, she had left her IT job and busy pursuing her dream of living a life for Travelling, Writing, and Art. Apparently, she takes care of most of the writing and other things of this blog now.

Are you an enthusiastic explorer? or you anticipate a little bit of inspiration? Or Can’t decide where to go next? Then let’s join us! Ask questions! We will be there for you!