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A ride to the main Falls-Courtallam

October 2, 2018
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Come Fairies, take me out of this dull world, for I would ride with you upon the wind and dance upon the mountains like a flame! -William Butler Yeats

So I start off with a group of boys with bikes, back on road again. This time our plan is the ride to Cortallam waterfalls, the so-called spa of south India, which is almost 100km away from our place. People like to visit this particular place to take a bath as they believe the water has medicinal value because the water which falls through herbal plants and the pure and fresh water cures a lot of diseases. I am not sure. Google told so. The falls are fed by the rains in the Kerala side of the western ghats. So better visit in June to August since its the monsoon season in Kerala.

On the way, we get rain here and there since its rainy season. We don’t get wet though! I am not a fan of getting wet in the rain since my resistivity power is weak and I don’t want to catch a cold either. The boys, especially my hubby-Nithin and one of his friend expect to get wet in the rain, but for the sake of other boys and me, they don’t. Literally, their main plan is when it comes to ride- not just dry ride but ride with the rain. Had a ‘not so good but no other option’ breakfast on the way. We pass by many co-riders here and there and I feel really fun riding with a bunch of riders. Technically I am a pillion rider but I could feel the thrill though! From Kulathooppuzha onward the roadside scenery is simply too beautiful to describe in words. We try to take in as much of this as possible.

As we go from Kerala to Thenkasi then to Courtallam we pass through winding ways through ghats and dense jungles with many huge gigantic trees. Raining now and then add pleasure to the whole trip. Roadside fruit sellers were really busy with selling Jackfruit and rambutan at a reasonable price. And without question, the roads are also in good condition. The main falls is located in the western ghats just on the border between Tamilnadu and Kerala states. This falls is called as peraruvi in Tamil Nadu and its one of the nine falls and each of them located within 1 km radius. Some of them are not easily accessible and one has to trek over hills to see them. We went to Peraruvi aka Main falls to have a refreshing bath. The main falls is the tallest one which is around 60 m high. But the course of water is interspersed by a deep crater and falls down with considerably reduced force, making the bath safe. It is said to the falls flow through herbal plants and trees with curative properties. Just a little distance away at a lower level, we see the Tirukutralanadhar temple where Sage Agastya installed Shiva’s idol.

Another one of the nine falls-the Honey Falls is four kilometers from the Main Falls, we have told. Here the water falls vertically from three sides forming a lake. It is risky and the entry of travelers is prohibited. The only precaution we should take is to keep a close watch on our belongings, as plenty of monkeys roaming around for food can take away the unguarded things. An artificial lake has been created for boating for the benefit of the tourists in between Main falls and Five falls for fun rides. From Courtallam to Chengottai and bordering the Kerala Region, beautiful locations are worth visiting. Because of the season time, there is a huge crowd, and the bathing seems to be a lot difficult one. The approach road to the falls seems too crowded. The boys were supposed to take bath in the falls. Apparently, they give up their plans for their bath since the queue is so long. There are many eatable items on the two sides of the footpath down the falls and we have tasted yummy hot halwa which is called Thirunelveli halwa.

On the way back, We eat lunch at Rahmath border hotel-the glorious hotel in the border which is famous for their small porottas and fried quail. We have Biriyani and fried pepper chicken for this time because we had already tried the porottas last year. Freshly cut ripe yellowy juicy mangoes from the garden is a plus in there. I have another post for this. Check out our other post to read more about this hotel and their menus.  Please check our Food section for more yummy foodies. En route we stopped at Thenmala, and a couple of lesser known spots just to breath in the cool air and to take a couple of photos of the greeny fields. All of a sudden my view was overshadowed as heavy grey clouds rolled in while we approach Kerala border. The wind blew steadily harder, remind everyone that the rain is coming. But before we stop, the first droplets of rain hit my specs and then the ground. We stop nearby a small roadside shop and nearly we ran to the shop and reach there before soaking our dress by the rain. During these months, it rains almost every day in Kerala. Sometimes it’s a quick shower, and other times it lasts for hours. We love the rain anyway.

Rain started plopping against the canopy of the mango shop – slowly at first, but then harder. We didn’t move, and the boys didn’t seem to be going anywhere, either. The sky is dark, making it hard to tell just how late it is. I ain’t sure if the dim light is due to the cloud cover or if it is really that late. My back starts to ache as the ride is a bumpy one. We are tired! We need to get home.

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