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A Delighfull magic potion from the Carpathian Basin- Fütyülős Mézes Barack

October 10, 2018
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Take this drink as a token of my disrepute and spin that hay tonight and tomorrow it will be shining golden bright in whatever heavy delirious weave you wish to make.” ―Initially NO, Wolfing It Down

Fütyülős is a traditional Hungarian fruit liqueur double distilled from a variety of fruits from the Hungarian Plains. Fütyülős Mézes [Honey] Barack [Apricot and Peach] is made with native apricots, peaches and pure acacia honey. Thanks to my boss who is a Hungarian but lives in Germany now. He gave us this bottle as a gift while we were in Germany.

Its odd, delicious flavor is due to the honey’s softness and the special taste and aroma of the apricot. Fütyülős Mézes Barack composition is about 1 part fruit spirit (apricots/peaches) and 3 parts vodka with artificial flavor. It is typically consumed in shots but is pretty good for sipping too as it is sweet.

It feels sugary and syrupy at first, and then the alcohol in it starts to sting your tongue and burn your uvula and larynx as soon as you consume it. But don’t worry, its a pleasing taste but a little bit strong though. You can taste the acacia honey and the apricots right away once you swallowed it.

Futyulos comes in a variety of flavors, including apricot (Barack), pear (körte), plum (szilva) and cherry (cseresznye) and its a kind of very strong and intense alcoholic beverage. A long back ago, Futyulos liqueur considered more as a medicine than a drink, as it was believed to be good for digestion.

In the past, its called as pálinka and was created in the middle of the 19th century when a serious insect epidemic destroyed most of the vineyards in Europe and the Hungarians started making pálinka from apricots grown in Kecskemét to make up the lost production. There is an old Hungarian saying “what can be used to prepare jam can also be used to produce pálinka”. As the saying suggests, pálinka can be made from a variety of fruit, and indeed it is made from the fruits grown in outskirts of Hungary and the Carpathian Basin. It got its name after a special long-necked, whistle-shaped bottle that became widespread in Hungary.

Fütyülős is double distilled, aged in mulberry wood casks or in metal tanks and bottled in Hungary with the alcohol content of 37 percent, made hundred percentage from fruits. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to find Fütyülős in most countries. It has been reported that 95% of the Fütyülős sold by retailers was consumed in Hungary, due to the drink being relatively unknown abroad. So don’t forget to try this when you visit Budapest and you won’t be disappointed.

Have it! Enrich the soul! Delight your heart! Make spells!

-Track The Trails



Enjoy this blog? Please spread the word :)